2018 AW NUOYI Product Launch

     NUOYI·18/19AW fashion releases the design tenet. "Delicate and rich, to be more and more attractive; delicate and delicate, to fashionable and elegant; delicate and exquisite skills, to the quality of the same." While integrating design, we should cherish details, break through remodeling, establish the relationship between clothing and human body, and annotate the design concept of "clothing is thinking". For the new era of female consumers to provide a sense of quality, style of knitted apparel products. Fashion fusion classics and trends, through its collision and fusion of contemporary women show the inherent, soft but full of strength, concise and elegant.


     Various knitting patterns such as weft insertion, yarn filling, jacquard and local knitting are used in garment organization to enrich garment diversity; yarns are mostly 100% wool yarn, supplemented by mink, cashmere, Mona yarn and other raw materials to highlight organizational variability; colorful precipitated slate green dotted with birch camel fashionable opening, simple and lively fog blue High-profile and gray gray elegant excessive black and white, rich and elegant benzene wine tea color, rose smoke with poppy red, Pearl White is in full swing; layout more attention to comfort fit, cut the complexity of simple clothing styles and details to meet the needs of consumers on various occasions. Noyi clothing is simple and elegant, concise and rich coexistence, strive to balance in size and delicacy, so that the clothing essence and give a sense of hierarchy!