2018 SS Product Launch

     In this year's China Fashion Week show, Noyi still launched a "because of simplicity to elegance" release, the designer used 66 sets of clothes to explain her eyes of "simplicity and elegance", through the collision and integration of the two styles, fully demonstrating the contemporary feminine gentle but full of strength, concise and elegant personality. Characteristic.

     In the "streamlined" series, the designer makes the clothes show a concise but exquisite style by cutting out the complicated and simple comfortable outline and pondering the elaborate design of slow-moving products. Sky blue, lacquer mist, black and low color combination, glacier green, duck wings gray blue hue collision, simple and pure. The overlapping use of local weaving, yarn filling, twisting, hole picking, needle turning and other organizations, combined with exquisite technology, shows rich and orderly texture effect of clothing.

     In the "elegant" series, the designer regards the retro orange as the dominant color of the theme, matching the ancient book red, peony powder and other colors with Chinese classical beauty, highlighting the inherent beauty of women, and the soft curve, is to create a unique gentle and elegant women. Elegant long skirt combined with witty lotus leaf edge, Qin Wanyu uses retro elements to adjust and supplement, fully interpreting the elegant spirit of contemporary women. Sesame dots show the air layer knitting jacquard, interlining warp and weft weaving complex and meticulous patterns, transparent mesh yarn and high-quality lace-like weaving for virtual and real contrast, creating a unique visual effect, rich levels, endless change.

     In addition, during the Fashion Week, Noir is also in DHUB fashion show, through the garment works, as well as Sino-Noir yarn, Noir customized service process show, from all over the world clothing brands, independent designers, buyers and the media show Noir, because of the simplicity and elegance of the unique temperament.